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How I come with ideas for daily blogging

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry
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    An option is to check google for news regarding your niche and write an own opinion about a headline. That makes the post relevant and up to date.

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    i agree. 100%. sometimes, i just vomit on the page.

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    The more you do something, the easier it is every next time you do this :) applied to every activity!

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    The idea of always being important when starting blogging. "Absence of ideas" actually becomes a written idea. As you wrote in the post. "Have no idea" is the idea of her writing. Anything in the world of blogging can be an idea to be written.

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    I actually can't stop having ideas. I record every idea as soon as it comes up, so I never run out of potential topics to cover.

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    Same with me, I have a list of potential "ideas" that I add ad-hoc when inspiration strikes and then I just write and publish them on my blog:

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    Hmm, while in practice it does sometimes work the same for me, I think an article like this doesn't really help.

    If you really want to get new ideas, I find using brainstorming tools much more useful.

    For example, one I particularly like goes a bit like this:

    • Pick an animal (e.g. an elephant)
    • Use 5 minutes and write down all its features you can think of (e.g. gray, big ears, strong skin, huge, good memory)
    • Now try to relate those separate features to your blog, newsletter or the topic you may have in mind.

    Suddenly you'll get a lot of new ideas. In my case (I write a newsletter for curious founders), I could for instance write about how you have to be thick skinned as an entrepreneur — or how you need to listen to the market to really make your product work.

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    Like the honesty! I want to start blogging for quite some time (no willpower? Probably just laziness), but every time I think of opening a blank page my brain goes blank as well 🤦‍♀️

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      This happens to me all the time too! It was really really hard when I first started out. I would dread writing. But now that I do it daily, it's easy to come up with ideas. It was all about pushing through the first 30 days of "omg this is total shit wtf am I writing about" 😂

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