Design and UX June 28, 2020

How I Designed the Perfect Startup Logo for $20

Colin Keeley @colinkeeley
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    Gotta say I agree with this. In my experience agencies are absolute charlatans and will provide really base level work and try to charge ten grand for it.

    I had one, 2 years ago, try to bill me over FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS to setup Google Analytics.

    Now let me clear... that was just to install it on the site. Not run it, do integrations etc.

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      Absolutely. That´s pretty insane but unfortunately there are many of those out there. I once got offered paying 2K USD for a simple developing job, and once a 20K USD offer to write a Whitepaper. I ended up doing both myself for 0.- on 2 less busy afternoons. As long as there are people with too much money and too less idea about prices are out there the scammers will continue

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    Thanks for the logo designer recommendation! Just ordered from them.

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    Thanks, the methodology looks good. For new project, I usually make a simple logo myself or use logo generators like brandmark or logojoy. Cheap and fast. Quality acceptable

    Imo, logo and branding is not the first priority. If the logo can pass the "ok" level for general users, I will just let it be.

    I prefer to use ready made templates and logo to speedup everything.

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    It would be even cooler if you put a headphone around the avocado 😎

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    Hey @colinkeeley, nice reading ! Anyway, I have a total different question. Can you share a bit how you managed to make the contents protected ? I need that and have been looking into DRM; what's your experience with that ?

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    Or ask your long time tattoo artist 😉.

    Anita from offered me the logo for our open source project.

    An awesome contribution!

    P.S.: Cool post, thx for the share 👍

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    It's very good but I can't help thinking the Spotify logo got it's coat caught in the door!

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    Hi guys, checkout has a bunch of free no design tools for people getting started....

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    Cool. I like it. Thanks for sharing your design process.

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    Looks awesome! Great work