Meta November 9, 2020

How I do post a product milestone in another group as well?

Imthath M @imthath_m

I've joined IH about an year after I started my indie journey and I'm updating my product milestones from my personal journal.

I would like to know if it is possible to cross post these milestones to other groups as well. I think a milestone post can be relevant to some group and it will be great to engage with people in that group.

PS: I felt like these milestone updates are going nowhere if you don't have a following, which obviously I don't have as a newbie.

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    I don't think its possible yet. I've just been re-posting the milestone to the appropriate group and haven't had a problem (example)

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      It works but certainly not the best solution!

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    @csallen, @rosiesherry any plans to provide such option to cross post a milestone in the near future?

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      I view milestones like a diary/blog of your journey, it's great for you and others to look back on over time. I like to have the view of posting updates for yourself more than anyone else.

      Many people cross post milestones to groups, which is fine too. It depends what you are posting, the Building in Public group is often a good place to post them, but it also depends on what you are writing about too.

      As with most things these days, to gain traction you need to be interesting. Many indie hackers without followings post things here and generally only gain traction when they are interesting to the community. Having a following here doesn't matter as much as other places like Twitter.

      There are many forum posts that just don't get visibility because they not useful, educational or engaging in any way.

      There's no automatic way to cross post and it's probably (and not my place to say) not high up on the priority list to do that.

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        Thanks for the clarification!

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