How I Gamified my SaaS onboarding to increase growth

Struggling to convert free users to paying subscribers? This helped me out, big time.

Pointzi recently interviewed me about the ‘gamified’ onboarding process I've implemented in my SaaS startup Navexa.

We are currently sitting on a near 50% conversion rate of trial-to-paid users. I don’t need to tell you how impressive that is — and how important it is for an early-stage startup.

I owe most of it to the onboarding method.

It boils down to this; When a user signs up I give them 1 week free trial. Once they log in, they’re directed to a small modal in their account that invites them to extend their trial by another week simply by visiting certain pages and using certain tools.

So they’re incentivised to learn the value of our product AND they get twice the time to experience that value.

Each time they complete a task, their free trial is extended.

By the end of the process, they’ve spent two weeks testing out the full range of tools in the paid version of our product.

The numbers show that this is massively helping our engagement and conversion!

I go into it in detail in the interview here: https://pointzi.com/blog/2020/12/09/the-best-gamified-onboarding-in-a-fintech-product/

I really hope you can learn something from my interview that you can use in your SAAS project!

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    This is something I've been wanting to implement into my products. Would it need to be a custom build or is there a plug-and-play tool to integrate with?

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    It was great talking with you Navarre and learned a lot.
    For those interested I posted a second part where Navarre talks about the journey to-date https://pointzi.com/blog/2020/12/14/a-product-led-indie-developer-journey/

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