Community Building September 28, 2020

How I got 130 subscribers from a Reddit post

Michael @dc12

Reddit has been one of my favorite ways of validating newsletter ideas that I have, as of lately.

Here are the tips I have for getting the most out of your Reddit posts:

  1. Tell them your background (why they should trust you).
    If you just pitch a newsletter idea, they have no reason to trust you.
    They will ask: Do you have experience in the field? Why should I trust you over XYZ?

  2. How this idea will help them. People typically sign up because they want to learn something, or its somehow going to better there life. Tell them how you will change their life (even if it's small).

  3. Tell them your idea. Okay, you told them your background and what this will change in their life - drop your awesome idea.

This was the same way I got 130 subscribers to my newsletter from a single Reddit post. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Ps - my newsletter is here ( It's all about how you can create money through unique digital assets that are trending in the market.

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