May 10, 2019

How I got ~1800 new unique Visitors in 2 days and >100 User registrations out of them.

Stefan Wuthrich @altafino

About 3 weeks ago somebody here on IH asked, what is a good place to do a blog post, talking to developer community. I advised to to via, but guy said, it's ugly looking site. And really, it's not the nicest page on earth.

Well. End of last week I did a really unmotivated post on, more like "hmmm... should do some post...." one (vs "oooh, i have a great thing to tell, let me post")

Post is just talking about a new feature, which is Online Resume Builder on my Full-Stack Developer Job Board ( ). 5-6 phrases only and when I read over it ( enjoy ;-) ) I get shamed about myself...

But, I would not tell you about, if there is no success story coming out of it.
I got, as you can see from GA screenshot below, around 1800 new unique Visitors through this post. And... what makes me specially happy, over 100 User Registrations. About 20 started Resume Building, 80 Newsletter Subscribers and some Recruiters and User Registrations only.
Nothing paid. So i don't got rich yet :-) but it shows there is interest.

Ah, I cross posted the same content, just moved 2 phrases for obvious reason's on Medium and I got in the 2 days since I posted 2 clicks....
This does not proof, that Medium is bad, but that blog posts on the right place (related to the public, like dev's on makes sense.


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    if you compare with medium ?

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      same content i got 2 referrals, vs about 1800 on

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        This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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          can be, but need then more 900 days with same performance until getting same result :-) lol

          I know, it's not that simple maths, but ...

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            This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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              yeah. there is also, which is more or less a copy of (idea side), but looks imho much nicer. BUT ... there with same post no results, much less users etc etc.

              Btw.. Hacker News... Nicest Page on world, a UX like when I started with Netscape Browser... but... you know what I mean :-)

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                I have never heard about hashnode, is it kind of mirror of

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                  Mirror not, more kind of equal service.


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                    Another try too :)

                    (I'm replying here because it looks like IH restrict the amount of perlies).

                    WHY the heck do they look so similar if they don't have anything to do with each other??

                    (It's rather a rhetorical question, so no need to reply :))

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                    Thanks. The text doesn't even mention but it looks pretty much the same. I don't get it :\

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                      another try :-) :

                      Hashnode has nothing to do with

                      BUT it's same kind of service they offer. Community/Blogs for Developers