March 25, 2019

How I got my first 1,000 visitors in a month

Tim @MisterHat

Hello Everyone! I'm super happy to let you know that my latest blogpost talking about our journey has been published by HackerNoon.

It talks about the strategy we used to attract our first 1 000 visitors. I'd be very happy to get your feedback.

Here is the link:


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    Great article, and exactly the kind of actionable insight I was in need of atm. I have a suggestion for a follow-up post based on a question that came to mind as I was reading: how did you build a reputation from scratch (with an alias account no less) on Twitter? Would love to hear that story and get those actionable tips.

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      Thank you @Fgraciolli! This is definitely something I will address as it's a really big challenge and point of frustration. It would be so much easier to use my "real" identity but I take it as the opportunity to really challenge our idea. By staying anonymous, I avoid the "friend effect" (people telling that you have a great idea just because they consider you as a friend or don't want to discourage you).

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    Partnerships with third-party app is also important. I wrote a little about it here - How integrations with third-party apps have helped me to win loyal customers - Indie Hackers article.


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      Good feedback indeed!

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