Growth January 16, 2021

How I Increased Daily Logins By 12% In A Week

Austin Bouley @codenameAustin

Hey Indiehackers!

Let's talk about a recent experiment that I ran. This will seem fairly simple and obvious, but it is just a reminder if you are not already doing this in your Saas, Membership site or anything that runs a subscription plan.

The goal of subscription services is to provide the user with enough value to stay and pay the monthly price. I had people cancelling and stating their reason as they weren't getting enough value when I had others using my Saas to make crazy returns so where's the disconnect? Easy, those other people weren't logging in.


  1. All users who cancelled logged in an average of 54 times in one month
  2. All users who stayed logged in an average of 88 times in one month
  3. All users who upgraded plans logged in an average of 125 times in one month


This told me that if I wanted people to stay and upgrade then I need people to log in more! So I decided to do this through email alerts! (text alerts coming soon too).

This was quite simple because all the information that we offered in the software was there and saved on the database in the backend, so all I had to do is send them an automated daily email about the top stocks for today with a link that said "Would you like to see other top stocks today? Check them out here" which linked back to the software.


12% increase in daily logins from 2 hours of programming.


If you aren't already, make sure you taking some of your most valuable content from your subscription or software, sending it to them daily or as frequently as possible, and include a clear call to action to log back in to get them re-engaged.

I know this is probably obvious to some people who read this, but I hope this at least helps someone who is working on curbing their churn rate.

I am constantly running test to improve churn, activation and more! I share the results every week if I can so definitely give this an upvote and follow if you would like to hear from me again.

I'm in the middle of testing a new churn software that is in private beta and I can't wait to share the results on how that affects churn!

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    I wonder if it's not cause & effect though. Since they upgraded, they decided to log in more. Interested to see if your experiments results in lower churn or more upgrades though! I fear it might increase churn...

    1. 1

      Definitely a possibility! This is something I should and will research further as in how many times did they sign in before upgrading.

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