Community Building January 4, 2021

How I made $100+ in last 24 hours by sharing Clubhouse Invite codes

Felix Josemon @felixjosemon

This is a small growth hack which I did and would love to share with other Indiehackers.

I noticed that Clubhouse App invites (App available only on iOS and Invite only) are being sold for over $1000+ on Ebay and Many people got scammed from Reddit, Twitter and Facebook with promise of Clubhouse Invite.

I knew I had to do something about it.

So I created a Trusted Pay-It Forward Clubhouse Invite chain, where each shares the invites they get.

It started with first invite I had which I then shared with next person, next person shared with other and so on. We build a Pay-It Forward chain community from scratch!

I used Buymeacoffee, to monetise the community as well as filtering out any bad players. Each pay forward the invites they get while onboarded, back to community so that we never run out of invites. It's that simple:)

It's still day 1 and in the last 24 hours, I have made over 115 dollars in doing so.

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    Hustler you are Felix :P

  2. 1

    Amazing idea and good job! I spoke with a friend about an invitation to Сlubhouse, and here is it. Looks like PH featured. Yeah, trusted assets are a big problem. We have a blockchain with a super powerful asset tracking system powered by miner pool energy, but 3 Coffe is much better. Welcome to the club haha :)

    1. 1

      Got the email, will reply once I get time.

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