How I made $640 ARR plus from one comment on Reddit

This is a “how I use Syften to grow Syften” story.

It’s very expensive for a young, small company to generate traffic. It’s a lot more efficient to tap into existing traffic streams. Discussions around topics related to your product are a great example of that. Syften helps you find them while they’re still hot, and by active participation you can redirect some of that traffic to your landing page.

One of the no-brainer topics I advise my customers to look for is their competitors' domain or product names. Naturally that’s also what I look for myself. One of Syften’s competitors was TrackReddit:

One day I got notified about this thread:

Trackreddit is no more?

He stated that he used to be a paying TrackReddit subscriber, so it was definitely worth the effort to also send a DM and offer a personal onboarding.
I quickly replied:

We talked a little during the two week trial, I adjusted the product to better suit his needs and he happily purchased a yearly subscription. I'm incredibly grateful, because he also recommended my tool to his friend, who also purchased a subscription. That's one comment that led to a $400 ARR bump.

But that's not all

Reddit is one of the world's top sites, meaning it has great SEO. People who search for TrackReddit will come upon that thread for months to come, as we can see from this reply that came in one month later:

And indeed, around one month after posting the comment another user from this thread signed up, increasing the value to $640 ARR.

And nothing warms my heart more than a testimonial like this one:

It's easily repeatable

Just monitor the domain names and product names of your competitors in Syften and wait. A thread like that might not come every day, but when it does it's better not to miss it.

Configure Syften to monitor your competitors.

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    Hey Michal, I'm exploring channels for marketing my employee engagement slack app. I saw your product and signed up. Feel free to reach out to see how it went.


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      Cool, I sent you an email. Let's get you up and running.

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