How I turned a MVP into a SaaS in 1 month

I don't know if you remember but I already posted here, my app was called LongLiveSS, it was a very bad choice... I know, but the idea was good and few people were interested in the solution and subscribed to the newsletter so I decided to make a better version.

The first release (built in 7 hours) was horrible, the app wasn't loading JavaScript on some pages, meaning a blank image as screenshot, sometimes the server freeze because I was using the free plan on heroku and so many other bugs I discovered.. that wasn't very serious but now it's here. The 2.0.

This app is still very minimal and does only one thing but it does it well, taking screenshots at regular intervals. On free accounts it's 3 days min. interval but if you decide to upgrade you can take a screenshot every 5 min.

I am planning to add these features pretty soon

Up to 3 Links
ZIP archive download
Push notifications

What would you like to see in the next version?

Learn more at http://urusparadox.com/?utm_source=indiehackers

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    To be honest, I do not know what this does. What screenshots? Of website? Of my desktop window?

    I need to scan the site for a while to find some answers. You need to better explain it in the header.

    1. 1

      Agree. I have absolutely no idea what is this product doing. As far as I get it does some kind of screenshots, but why would I need them? Can't I just screenshot using a generic chrome extension or the snipping tool on Windows?

      You should really define your goal and talk to your target audience in the header. What's in it for me.

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      Also came here to post this, I have literally no idea what this product does. The 'Help Center' link in the footer is dead too.

    3. 0

      I agree, I didn't spend too much time on copy

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    Conceptually speaking, an MVP can be a SaaS right out of the gate if you have architected the business model and the product with the "as a service" characteristics (multi-tenancy, multi-contracts, subscription-based plans etc.).

    I hope to see you next time posting a different headline: "How I made an MVP profitable in 1 month"! ;-) Cheers and good luck.

    1. 1

      The MVP I am referring to was just a single function (in a loop) that take a screenshot. Unless you're using a boilerplate or pre-built framework it's challenging to handle payments, especially subscriptions..

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    Nice clean landing page Youssef! What is the target market for this product? Why would I need to take pictures every few mins of a website? Is it to check downtime, general archiving, scraping product pages etc?

    I think it could be good to add a USP section that maybe details use cases of the product to give people a better understanding.

    Impressed you managed to get the first release done in 7 hours! What stack are you using?

    1. 1

      Use cases are making sure your ad/content is showing, spying on your competitors, tracking seo ranks over time or simple archive.

      Stack I am using: Node/React/Firebase

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