May 31, 2019

How I want to run my business

Ben Tossell @bentossell

⏰ money ≠ time
💻 laptop shut @ 7pm
✔️ tasks not reactive
🔁 sales process quick + repeatable
👩‍💻 b2b focus
📉 no growth goals/investment/employees
📞 no calls
😍 work on what I love
⌛️ 2x customers ≠ 2x time

  • majority of sales become inbound
  • audience is extension of my twitter followers
  • doubling customers
  • new things should be shipped in a few hours
  • earn a living w/ some predictable revenue

After this week of 'unproductivity' I decided to do what @derrickreimer and @justinkan did and revisit the things I want in running my business.

I tried to be as transparent as possible and I discussed the revenue opportunities I'm facing right now - looking for input!

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    This resonates a lot. Obviously, not all points as it is tailored towards your business. But I also have strict does and don’t on which business I want to build.

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      Thanks! I imagine it may resonate with quite a few indie makers

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    I've been trying to do "laptop shut at 7pm" for the past few weeks. I even started keeping a streak for how many days I can do it in a row. So far my longest streak is 3 days 🙈

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      And was that over the long weekend haha?

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        I'd be very impressed with myself if I could manage to avoid working over any weekend where I'm not out of town or something.

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          Yeh I mean more like having to work vs wanting to do something. Often I like nothing better than shipping new stuff on a Saturday

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            Yeah, my "problem" is that I want to work too much. I really enjoy it. But there are other things in life, too, and I let work take over all of it sometimes.

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      but do you like it? do you feel bad when you have it open past 7pm?

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        In the short term I love working. In the long term it's not great, because working (or at least the kind of work I do) doesn't create any new memories. Every day is more or less a mishmash of the same. Not too different from playing video games all day.

        That's not always true, though. For example, recording podcast episodes, speaking at conferences, and traveling to meetups are all long-term memorable experiences.

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          How does be acquired affect this?

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    Could you elaborate on "money earned does not equal my time" ?

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      Not limiting my earnings to hours I work x hourly rate

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        ah, yes. No more trading time for money.

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    This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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      I would advise to ask a more specific question and added context :)