Daily Stand-up February 26, 2020

How Important Is Daily Standup? Should We Do It For a 50 Member (In-Office)Team?

M Asif Rahman @Asif

Guys, I need your opinion. We are a tech-heavy team of around 50, and everybody is in the office. Though we do everything in Slack and use Trello for most simpler management, what do you suggest, should we do Daily standups?

As a context, we built products. While a large portion of the team works in WordPress plugin, rest are in the SaaS like easy.jobs, we do not follow scrum properly, but we follow the philosophy!

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    Daily stands probably shouldnt consist of more than 8 or 10 people. So you could have 4 or 5 different stands based on project or team.

    You can also do an hour-long weekly stand with a group that large where each team shows what they've been working on.

    Stands are valuable for communicating what you're working on to each other, make sure you're not stepping on eachother's toes, bring blocking issues to the forefront, and make important announcements and course corrections. Stands and 1 on 1s are really valuable for keeping a team healthy in my experience.

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    Probably not 50 people as one team.
    Are multiple people working on an intertwined task/project? Are they too low in communication of dependency, blockers and similar cross effects including helping each other with knowledge and experience sharing?
    If so these smaller groups could attempt in for a sprint or two and reflect during the retro to decide if there was sufficient benefit to keep it.

    Don't force it and don't let manager types decide about it, focus on sharing and not reporting, make it shorter than you think it should be. ~1 minute per person.

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      I am thinking if we should do it online, daily, and a physical one weekly.