Growth December 23, 2019

How important is people subscribing to email list?

Jordan Brown @customsitenow


I've just been wondering since i'm relatively new to all of this. How important is having subscribers on your mailing list in terms of overall growth when your app is not yet available?

2 days ago i've begun advertising via google ads, and instagram.

I've noticed people there are people following me and saving my posts to their account about my website but not subscribing to the email list for when it launches.

If I put myself in their footsteps, or as a customer. I don't usually EVER subscribe to mailing lists. What I do is bookmark, save, etc if it's related to an app and it's not yet launched. It's hard to be upset about it when I myself as a customer doesn't ever do the same but I will use an app once it's available.

I believe that when I launch the actual app, I should have users interested in using it even though people aren't on the mailing list.

Am I wrong or not?

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    The main idea behind of email subscription is that you build an audience you can launch your product to and start the direct conversation with them even before to launch in order to figure what they really need. So they do not subscribe that can mean - among many other thing - that your offering is not yet good enough for the to be interested, while the content you created is interesting in itself. People do subscribe to product launch pages and email list if you offer the things they want. So keep improving your offering, your copy etc.

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      Totally agree with this. With e-mail marketing you control the channel, there's no having to compete with FB's/Instagrams/(insert social media platform here) algorithm to get in front of your target market (although you could argue that you're competing with other e-mails landing in your users inbox).

      I just had a look at your site, I think maybe why people are not signing up to your e-mail list is that the sign up area is not really in your face, I missed the pre-register button because I was trying to understand what eatRadar was all about first, and then scrolled fast downward which meant I missed the actual sign up form.

      I think perhaps try an popup/exit popup with an incentive for the user to sign up to your e-mail list - from the users perspective: why would I give out my e-mail address if I'm getting nothing in return?

      Web Push using may be another avenue to try.

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        Thank you, I will try updating the site tonight to have the box more "in your face" so it's impossible to miss

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      You do make a good point. If only it was easier to tell what the actual answer is though. Can't really figure that out when it's already midly difficult to receive feedback on landing pages.

      I've received 5 saves but not 5 subscriptions. So clearly theres an interest but it's confusing because those 5 added it to their favourites instead of subscribing to the launch. What am I suppose to do with that information other than assume people are interested.

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        Your conclusion should be somthing like “intrested but not to much”. You need more engagement, you need ”true fans” especially in the beginning and you need to be able to contact them directly.

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          Okay I understand. I will keep focusing on getting "true fans".
          Thank you

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    In my opinion, there's no right or wrong in this scenario even you have got a habit to engage a service beside email.

    It really depends on your business nature. Some businesses are managed to grow and sustain via other channels such as social media, chatbot, or on-demand approach. I consider email subscription and regular newsletter as reactivation and/or retention gateway. If you do not have a major need doing so, you might consider otherwise.

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      I can agree with you on this. I don't believe email is the one all solution. There are many channels for a reason. Some people choose to stay updated via instagram updates, some via the website, and some another.

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