How is your side project improving your life?

from @csallen's tweet the other day (https://twitter.com/csallen/status/1118952086127902723) I started thinking a lot more about what improvements my side project(s) are giving my life, their own purpose in mine (aside from just ya know, $)

What are yours? I'd be interested to learn.


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    It’s providing me with some much needed structure and discipline in learning new tech. It pushes me to put the video lessons and tutorials aside and actually dive into working with the tech I want to implement by reading up on documentation and GitHub issues. This discipline is extending into other things in my life like consistently reading a book a day or writing a blog post on my site each week and it feels 🔥

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    Being an introvert, I've learned to put myself out there and not be afraid of what others think about what I'm creating or writing about. It's still a work in progress but I'm glad to know that it's still progress nonetheless.

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    It's helping me be less distracted and more productive online [1]. I'm not sure how successful this product will be as a money-making side project, but the nice thing about solving your own problem is that it improves your life even you don't make any money from it.

    I also end up building on skills that I wouldn't otherwise - my design skills still leave a lot to be desired but they've definitely improved.

    [1] - https://deepmode.app

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    I have started putting myself out there more.

    I was on the latest Indie Hackers office hours, was a great experience and learnt a lot from it. They're always fun to watch but being on it was something else.

    Normally I lurk in the community such as HN and IH, but I have been posting more often. Hopefully my advice has helped people.

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