March 23, 2019

How long did it take?

Justin A @rapidmon33

How long did it take before your app/web app started yielding at least $500/month?

And what kind of effort did you put in to make it happen?


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    Four years!

    I build the site in a day and then abandoned it. I didn't want to invest time in it because I thought the market was too small. Surprise, no sales came.

    A few months later, I came back and did some SEO work. Sales started to trickle in. Very slowly.

    Every 6 months or so, I'd come back and update the site or raise prices. Sales slowly increased over time. I mostly left it alone because I was working full time and spending my evenings focusing on other product ideas.

    Once it started outperforming my expectations, I decided to give it a second look. I did a big redesign and overhauled the products and prices, which doubled sales overnight.

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      Neat! What's the site?

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    Three months with my first app. Four months with my latest.
    All effort was organic SEO (Keyword research, Page Copy Tweaking/Onsite Tweaks, Link Building - that's the hardest).

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      Nice. How did you go about link building?

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        Take a look at the links of my competitors and try to get them. Outreach to get software listed in articles. Submit to best download sites (I sell desktop apps).

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          Noice. I might have to take a similar approach. Did you have to create a PR kit?

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    6 months of full-time-no-social-life-commitment.

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      What's your product?

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    About 7 days. We hit a very hungry market early on that had a huge amount of word-of-mouth referrals. We gave free memberships to about 10-15 people in the beginning who we knew had large networks. We focused on making them extremely happy so they would refer us.

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      That is really cool! And now you're doing $120k/month???

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      This comment was deleted a year ago.

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    It was many months of about 10 hours per week effort for me.

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    Launched a new backlink service/database on February 25th. Today is exactly one month since the launch. Already earned $2364 in the first month.
    Here's the proof from my dashboard in Wordpress:

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      How do you guarantee that your client's don't get blacklisted by Google?

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        I don't guarantee anything. It's on customers conscience how he uses the links. In a non-spammy manner or not.

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      This comment was deleted a year ago.

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        I have a profile here on Indiehackers as well

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