Browser Extension Makers August 8, 2020

How long did it take for your extension to be validated by Google?

Pierre R @siglave

Hello! I just submitted my first chrome extension to Google.
And I saw that in some case it can take up to 3 weeks to get validated. How long was it for you?

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    Thanks for all your responses!

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    I uploaded a new extension for the first time and took 5 days of review time, and later updated the version, waiting 1-2 days each time.

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    I have one extension with broad permissions. I submitted it today and it is still pending after about 6 hours.

    The less permissions the faster it usually goes through. First time publish is typically longer, maybe half day, vs. updates taking some hours.

    When it is taking days then that usually means they have some problem with it and will likely reject.

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    The first time I published it took a few days but there was an issue with my icon. Version updates have been quick, normally only a few hours.

    Firefox on the other hand, they approve extensions within minutes most of the time!

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    My extension took less than 24hr. I think it's cause it doesn't require a lot of permissions.

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    I believe the brand new extensions take longer but existing extension are pretty quick. My Weather Extension took around 4 hours to be approved but it has been around since 2015.

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      Forgot to mention it also depends on the permissions you have for your extension. Only set the permissions you absolutely need.

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    first version approval took about 24hrs, while when I tried to publish some updates, they were in review for 1 week.

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    I made some changes to one I've built a few weeks ago and I was warned the pandemic situation could slow approval time down, but it got processed in the usual 36-48 hour time frame.

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    It took me ~2 days for the approval to come through.

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      Same. We submitted our recorder extension in June and it was approved within a couple of days.

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    i did develop a chrome extension for my web app PoPWord for the first time it took a month due to the covid situation but mostly for the permissions i request in my case is to run content-script.js on all urls so i had to match all urls but after i replaced it with active tab it took less than 24 hours

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    I've personally never had it take longer than 24-48 hours, but it really can depend. I know things like obfuscated code, using lots of third party imports, using multiple permissions, etc can influence that time a bit. If you have a largely straightforward extension, it usually isn't long.

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