Community Building April 7, 2020

How many daily user posts should a community have, so that it will be considered "active" ?


Hello everyone

I am wondering about the question in the title, as it's an important factor for communities. Users prefer active forums, as they know that their questions and posts will be answered and there will be a decent discussion, in contrast with a quiet forum that there is no action and they will get bored soon or late


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    1 post a day.

    Crazy right?! But think about it. if a community has one post a day it's active. Heck if it has one post a month, a quarter or a year it's still "active".

    The point is I don't think there is a magic number for how many posts until a community is considered active.

    I would rather want to see is the community growing? Are you adding people at a consistent pace? I used to run a community for web designers that got VERY VERY large. but out of the total number of people who joined a very small percentage of people were actively posting, commenting, etc. Most of the time people visited the community to find a solution. We had a rabid group of people posting problems and solutions that were much smaller than the overall size of the community (think like 5-10-15%). However, our subscribers keep growing on a week over week basis because of the content these few were creating.

    So I recommend you focus on building a SMALL, PASSIONATE, community of people who have no problem talking to, writing for, contributing to, an empty well. But as you build up this content you'll start to see more people join, contribute and interact.

    I think over time you'll stop thinking about is my community active or not but instead look for ways to serve those who have decided to be a community!

    Best of luck to you!!!

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    If your community members wer sourced organically. Not incentivised to join, then you should atleas have an x number of posts that is proportionate to the number of members in your forum. But what you should worry most now is adding new people, who will come up with new ideas or discussions that will reignite the old members and bring them back to discuss.

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    I don't think there is a magic number tbh, it feels like the wrong thing to focus on.

    And of course it varies, but as a founder it would be down to you to ensure that regular posts are made consistently at the beginning.

    But seeing as you ask, if I see one thing posted to a forum daily then I would consider that active. Not very active, but active.

    5-10 is actually a good amount to have. Especially if they are made by other people.

    Above all else, the content of the post is really what is most valuable. How can you make the posts super relevant and helpful to your community?

    You should also probably think about other things, like the number of comments. Posts without comments makes a very sad forum.