How many domain names do you own?

Hi IH!

Thought this would be a fun poll as I recently got renewal notice on a domain and came to find out I have over 20 at the moment😂 Basically whenever I get a new idea, the first step I take if I think it has any potential is see what URLs are available. I can't be the only one that does this? Any domain hoarders here? 🤝

How many domains do you currently own?
  1. 1-4
  2. 5-10
  3. 11-20
  4. 20+
  1. 2

    I have over 200 domains. I primarily have that many domains as investments but reserve some of them for plans to build something with.

    1. 1

      Exactly! I think of it in the same way. Wow, 200 though is a lot!

  2. 2

    20 domains as the highest number is far too low 😂

    1. 1

      Right there with ya!

  3. 2

    Right now I have 10 domains.

    1 is for sale, 1 is ready for me to build on, and the other 8 are in use.

    There are no plans to buy more right now. But I know that at some point I'll have an idea, search for domains, and probably end up getting one anyway.

    1. 2

      Nice! That's a great percentage of ones in use. 👏

  4. 2

    Sometimes I end up with multiple per idea.

    I have 6 just for my project Parthenon.

    I bought: apitester.co then realised apitester.com belonged to splunk so I thought I better go with something different. So apicheck.co

    I bought build-a-sass-in-two-weeks.com (or something similar) then realised it was a massive hard to type URL so got twoweeksaas.com.

    I got [a-z]+-infra.xyz domains for two projects for infrastructure stuff.

    1. 1

      ahah yes I do that sometimes too where I have multiple ones for same project.. Like for one of my side projects I have detoured.net , detoured.co , and detoured.studio 😂 better SEO though haha

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