Ideas and Validation May 14, 2020

How many new side-project ideas do you have in your backlog right now?

Kacper @kacper

And what's stopping you from building them?

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    ~3 - trying to validate the problems before heading into solution space right now

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      actually would love some feedback if you have any -

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    Only 1 side project. But it requires dedication, but I am already full time doing 1 project already. And it also requires me in a country where I am not in right now:-)

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    Running 4 at the moment. And I have 182 in the backlog 😂.

    What's stopping me from building? I'm not God.

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    Running 2 side projects. About to create the 3rd and 4th.

    Roadblock: stamina and time. Testing out no-code tools and working on industry research. @kacper

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      Any hints on your next ones? ;)

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    I have 2 side projects that need attention. Need workout issues on the projects I have so I can continue other 2

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    Hundreds. I like free stuff.

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    7 on the shortlist but prototyping only one at a time!

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      Long list is full of silly ideas that may never see the light of day :D

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      This comment was deleted 21 days ago.

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    72 items in my "Ideas" note file right now. From small shell scripts to big SasS projects.

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      Why are they still on the idea stage?

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        It's just a memory dump. My focus is on now.

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          The UI looks great , what tech stack did you use ?

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            Thanks. It's Node/Express/Postgres on the back-end and plain HTML/CSS/JS on the front-end.

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              How do you know that the "big brands" you listed are using it? What is their use case? All in all that's really cool and it looks great.

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                Thanks. I have logs, so I know who is using my service. They mostly use it to share their tweets on Instagram.

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    Nine. I finished one a few weeks ago, prototyping another, and learning the skills for a third. Next week I'll probably have 14 ideas.

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      Nice, moving fast!

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    I'll start: 17 ideas and don't want to start any of them right now as I quickly lose motivation when I work on more than one thing at a time.