Podcasters January 28, 2021

How many of you are doing a podcast & what has your experience been? Share your link.

Krisang @prakrisang

Hey Indiehackers! I was wondering how many of you are using podcast as a medium to grow your audience.

What has been your experience so far?

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    I regular host product idea brainstorming sessions with fellow indie makers: https://anchor.fm/productideas

    Growth has been okay and mostly due to me tweeting about it. But primarily I'm doing it because recording the episodes is incredibly fun.

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      Hey Jakob, I would love to learn more. Sent you a Twitter DM.

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    Super awkward at first. Especially the times when you just talk alone, without any guests. I had to redo them tons of times, just because I felt weird.

    But later on, when you get the hang of it, you'll feel the potential. It's great for networking, repurposing content and just getting your voice out there.


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      Hey @maevaeverywhere, I would like to learn more about your process. Sent you can email. :)

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    Nice thread! I recently dipped into podcasting mainly to describe my experience in building & growing multiple SaaS businesses and discussing similar journey with other entrepreneurs.


    The landing page is actually built on the latest product we've been developing - sort of a selling platform for digital creators.

    Would appreciate some feedback on overall quality and feel as well.

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      Your landing page looks pretty neat Jack! kudos!

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    I'm a co-host of a podcast. But it's something I do for one of my passions, not directly for growing an audience.

    I love the experience. Producing and recording a weekly podcast, which we videostream live, is very demanding. But highly rewarding because we have a large, enthusiastic and engaged audience.

    The podcast is AstronautiCAST, an Italian space and astronautics podcast.

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      Looks interesting. Do you distribute these podcasts beyond the website alone? Where do you get most of your audience from?

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        Yes, we're also on the usual distribution platforms and aggregators such as iTunes and Spotify. I'd say we get the most audience from our website but I'm not sure we have enough data about other platforms.

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    Although I haven't tried podcast myself, I did do a podcast interview that involved talking about my product ruttl. You can probably approach this person for his experience.

    Here's a link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i471swNmRGs&t=1525s
    Here's a link to the interviewer: https://twitter.com/mayankk98

    Hope that helps!

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      Thank You Harsh Vijay. Interesting links. Checking it out.

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