April 20, 2019

How many projects build using Laravel?

Chris Blackwell @chrisblackwell

I'm trying to get a sense as to how many projets on Indie Hackers are built using Laravel.

If you are using Laravel can you drop your product/service below?


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    I built Blogcast with Laravel, definitely the easiest and fastest choice for building web apps.


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      Feedback: On mobile it feels like that circle on the top right is highlighting something I should click but it is not

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      Wow, this is pretty awesome.

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      I love this! Well designed, I'm assuming you're using AWS for the audio transcription. Do you have a widget that drops in a blog post at the top? I think this would be a very popular WordPress plugin.

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        I'm actually using Google Wavenet for the audio and yeah, there's an embed to drop at articles (here's a demo).

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          Yup, listened to it. It's pretty good. I WordPress plugin where I could incorporate this directly into my blog would be killer.

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            I don't have a lot of experience on building Wordpress plugins, but Blogcast does support RSS imports and dynamically adding the embed to all your posts. I'd also happy to set it up for you if you're interested :)

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              This comment was deleted 10 months ago.

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            I think Chris is spot on right here: Plugins and integrations are key to make this product work I think

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              Yeah, that's where I'm focusing at the moment

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                cool, keep us posted how it goes!

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      I disagree with that. As someone who’s been a PHP developer and a Python developer, I think Django is the easiest and fastest. I still do use both.

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        I think that's very subjective and depends a lot on the project and the developer.

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          Agreed. Which is why talking about stack on this forum is normally futile.

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            Yeah, the stack usually doesn't make much a difference. As long as it's halfway suitable to the issue itself. 👍️

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    Laravel is cool choose to be honest.

    Either for high-scale or MVP.

    It have a lot of features for fast start. You could buy spark & nova to build your SaaS even faster.

    Our product (in pre-release state) use Laravel as an api backend. And Nuxt.js (vue) on front. Feel free to ask me anything about Laravel :)

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      Thanks. I actually use Laravel day-to-day for the last 6 years. I also use Nuxt for my SPAs, although we have one running Ember and several Laravel SSR apps with Vue components.

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    Both my apps use Laravel. I came from a WordPress PHP background so it was the fastest for me to learn 💪


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      What are you using for the front-end? reviewdrop is like the best designed site I came along in 2019 so far, did you create the UI yourself?

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        I use Bootstrap 4 still as my base framework. Thank you very much 🙏 yes, all myself. My main gig is building websites at an agency, so built a lot!

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      Review drop looks absolutely amazing. Like Intercomm for reviews :-)

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        Thanks Chris! It was a fun starter project. Just need the time to start marketing it properly :)

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      Tag looks pretty cool, reminds me of https://www.getsnapppt.com/ and another similar tool I came across a while ago.

      Edit: Like reviewdrop too! I actually planned a similar tool but have not launched it.

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        Thanks Gene! I believe I came across that one while building. From what I remember, they focus on importing Instagram images, whereas Tag is focussed on adding products that can either be an embedded pop-up button on your site or share URL.

        Nice! Keep me posted about your tool - be good to see your spin on it.

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      Nice, how are your projects going Scott?

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        They are going well Peter. Already brainstorming some new app ideas... the grind must continue haha. How are your projects going?

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          Cool, I've recently launched WhichLogin.com - a browser extension. The launch went really well. Im working on the follow up and marketing now.

          How do you do marketing for your projects? That's always something I struggle with 😑️

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            Oh nice. I actually seen that on PH the other day! How has signups been? Big fan of the 20sec overview video - really important to get the concept across as quickly as possible.

            Marketing is a hard area for me too. I've just started running some Google Ads on Tag to see how that goes. I'm sure there's more qualified marketing folk on here that can give us some tips? 😁

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              Cool. I hope you upvoted 😉️ Yeah, the video is great to give a quick understanding of the idea. I'm planning a remake of the video enhance the quality.

              Generally my marketing approach is like this: "Throw against the wall and see what sticks". Combined with tracking I learn slowly

              If you are interested in reading about the marketing attempts you should follow the Twitter thread - it's more detailed:

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                Upvoted now haha!

                "Throw against the wall and see what sticks" - Very much in the same boat! It's these projects that help you learn what works and doesn't. Come the next project, you can take all those experiences into account and gain from it.

                Will take a look at your blog! Something I need to start doing more too 🙃

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                  haha, funny we are literally doing it the same way. I mentioned by approach and tries in the blog posts too. I've re-read my old launching stuff for startupnamecheck.com and noticed how much I've improved already. Super happy about it.

                  Yeah, doing a blog and documenting it for yourself is already an improvement. Plus it gives your projects a personal side. Something that helped me a lot - I don't think would sell anything or have any searched on startup name check without the connection in the indie maker scene. Feel free to flip me a message on Twitter or Telegram if you wanna chat about it more.

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    I’ve built Luftlust with Laravel, a flight log for paraglider pilots. https://luftlust.com

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    I am currently building my side-project with Lumen and Angular.

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      Take it from my experience, upgrade to full Laravel on the API side. You'll be so much happier with all the stuff you can use. Many times using Lumen I was reduced to not being able to use certain packages or features.

      Yes Lumen is faster, but not as much as when it was released. PHP7 changed a lot of things.

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    im using laravel 🎉

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    Most of my side projects are built with Laravel (and we use it at work).

    Any of the recent projects here:

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    Hey Chris,

    there is a number of people. I've built startupnamecheck.com with Laravel and Vue. We actually got a twitter group to chat, if you are interested I'll invite you.


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      Hello again Peter

      I tried our your name checker. I put in my new venture (DashVest) and it said the name is available for both Facebook and Instagram (I own both). I'm wondering if there is a delayed cache from their API or if something is broken.

      Cool tool though. It's earned a bookmark :-)

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        I have to admit there is a bug. A few weeks ago Facebook changed the HTTP responses I'm checking and since then the checks are broken. I haven't found time to fix this, sorry. I'll prioritize it more.

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          Don't worry about it ;-)

          Prioritize your paying projects, and move this down the list as a "nice to have"

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            hmmm, kinda don't like having known bugs in my sites. I like to keep stuff working (or take them offline) 😉️

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              So, I've finally fixed this @chrisblackwell 😀️

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    Hey Chris

    Our application https://mailforge.io is made with Laravel and VueJS.

    The frontend is just Wordpress, but everything backend :) Feel free to take a peak

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    most of our work and side projects are withe on laravel or wordpress.
    Few recent side projects
    https://www.reviewstap.com (alpha still, not quite launched)
    and both of my main focus also on laravel

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    I use Laravel for most of my projects. I build a mostly custom e-commerce site here for a little side venture I am working on:

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    We use Laravel in almost all of our applications. Close to 10 last year alone. We've mainly been using Laravel as our API and React on the front end

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      Cool, have you got some examples?

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    Although the app itself uses Angular, the backend + website both use Laravel for my app Stackmash. Been using Laravel for years now and love it!


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