April 24, 2019

How many things would I accomplish if I had 15 extra days a year?

Cristina Chipurici @Pyuric

"At the end of the day, I was always saying, 'Oh, wow, I have no idea where my time went.' I felt like I was spending too much of it on Facebook. So I installed an app that tracks where I spend my time online, and it turned out I spent one hour a day there. I was like, 'Oh, okay, that's not too much,' you know? But then I did the math. I realized that it adds up to 15 days in one year. How many things would I accomplish if I had 15 extra days a year? So at the end of 2017, when Facebook reminded me that I'd been using it for 10 years, I decided to close my account for a week as an experiment. I had 6,000 followers at the time. It was a huge struggle, especially for my ego. I kept thinking, 'Oh, do people miss me? Do they even realize I closed it?' I started to realize that as an introverted person, Facebook was kind of keeping me in my comfort zone because it meant I could 'connect' with people without risking anything in real life. I also realized that instead of building a channel that I could control, I had been building a house on rented land. At any moment that could all go away, and what would I be left with? It's just not worth it. I continued the experiment and, before long, noticed that my attention span was increasing. My productivity increased. I started having more ideas. By not being hyperconnected and stimulated all the time, I became more efficient. I spend the time I used before on Facebook to build out our newsletter, and that's been hugely rewarding. The benefits were way too big for me to go back, and I never did."