How much are you charging for newsletter ads?

I've had a few people reach out to advertise in my newsletter.

No clue how much people charge. How much are you all charging? (Happy for you to provide estimates based on subs, views, clicks, etc.)

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    If I were swifty (HAHA) I would reach out to your favorite newsletters and ask what they'd price sponsored ads in THEIR newsletter and then copy the model/pricing :P

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    My newsletter is at 1200 subs.
    Open rate of 51%
    Click rate of 19%

    I offer two options.

    Sponsorships -$25
    Classifieds -$10

    I think that’s a fair starting point,

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      Is that per newsletter?

      And what do you mean by classifieds?

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        It’s just a cheaper ad offering. My sponsorships slots go at the top with an image, and classifieds go at the bottom, with no image, just text.

        And yes, per newsletter.

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    My newsletter has ~315 subscribers. The most important thing for me was to find a trusted sponsor that actually would add value to my readers.

    I have one ad at the bottom and sell it for $20 per letter.

    So far one company has purchased the sponsorship of 5 letters, so $100.

    It's not much but seemed fair for the small number of subs.

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      Thanks for that, just checked it out! I think I'm pricing similar for text-based subs at the bottom - and will bump it up a bit for images.

      You're right, it's not much, so I'd rather not make people too concerned with ads where it's still early and not too valuable.

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    I hear $0.50 per subscriber per month of ads is a good starting place

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      That can’t be right.

      1000 subs = $500

      Kai’s Dense discovery newsletter is at 28k subs, their sponsorship is $500 and classifieds at $70

      1. 1

        $500 for 4 ads in a month to 1k subs seems steep. Unless they were incredibly well aligned.

        Maybe aiming to replicate google ads costs works best?

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      Just to clarify, does the frequency of the posts play into this?

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        Yeah, I guess there's more variable here.
        So if you think about sub count, number of ads per edition and number of editions per month. (and maybe open rate is factored in as well but I'll leave it out for now)

        so if you do a weekly newsletter with 3 ad placements but hold that $0.50/sub/month as a constant, you'd have 13 ads per month (4.333 * 3) per sub which would equate to about $0.04/sub/ad.

        This is all ballpark, so maybe you're looking at a range of like $0.02/sub/ad - $0.15/sub/ad. maybe that depends on open rate and engagement

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