Money May 21, 2020

How much money did you spend to get to launch?

Christian Kasilag @singlecolor

Indie Hackers proudly share their MRR numbers and it is awesome how open everyone is about it. However, we don't always get to hear about how much money was required to get to a product's launch. I recently posted about how we spent almost $3000 before even launching, our mobile game, and I learned a lot from the questions and comments people had on the breakdown I shared.

So, how much money did you spend to get to launch (or have spent to date)? What were the most expensive items? What did you consider to be a mandatory expense?

Thanks, looking forward to this discussion!

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    Still pre-launch; but -
    ~$12 domain

    • luckily free hosting with credits
    • All other services still within free threshold
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    Thanks for the share, have been thinking about writing a similar breakdown for my new product. The most we've spent was $2k on product designs that we actually didn't end up using, and spent about $1600 on the domain (which I wrote about here:

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      Nice article about the domain name. We've thought about that in the future for some of our ideas for web tools. It's steep but also worth it at the same time if the name is right!

      For the $2k, was this a freelancer's work that didn't end up getting used?

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    around ~$130:
    Hosting $15 a month
    Domain $13
    Logo design $100

    I worked on the coding part mainly to launch it, I have spent more over time since it's $15 a month for hosting on DigitalOcean

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    $12 for the domain name.
    And $20 / year for the Hosting with Glitch.

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      Now that's the definition of lean