Community Building March 14, 2020

How often can I post the same product on Product Hunt

Vahe Hovhannisyan @vhpoet

I've been working on for a few months now and I keep postponing the Product Hunt launch. I have a lot of ideas and I think I'll be better off posting it later, but then I end up having new ideas and postponing again.

So the question is if I post it in the next few days, how long should I wait before posting it again? (assuming I'll have enough new features / redesign etc. to make it a worthwhile update)

What's your experience so far?

Thank you!

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    Hey! Good question. If you're launching the same product but an improved version, at least 6 months must pass.


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    i’ve seen more folks who have done this but the results can be spotty.

    one of the things i’ve done instead is use their SHIP platform. there are a lot of things i like but also a lot of things i’m very unsatisfied with.

    so, do your diligence! we have about 9.5k folks who follow along on a product “log” of sorts.


    you can see here that i even let them know that i’m spending more time on IH!!!! lol.

    here are some other thoughts:

    and... i even went as far as building an open source landing page!

    lmk if you have any more thoughts or questions!!

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    @vhpoet you can launch multiple times, I've launched twice already with Product Planet ( As long as you have a significant change (bunch of new features), you should be okay. Not aware of any time restriction for a subsequent launch, it's mostly a person who will review your re-launch not algorithms so as long as you have a good reason to re-launch you should be okay.