How often do you use StackOverflow? 😉

Ok. Time to be honest. 🙄

How often do you look for answers on StackOverflow?
  1. Multiple times a day 🙄
  2. Every day
  3. A few times a week
  4. Once a week
  5. Rarely? 💪 🎉
  1. 3

    I don't believe anyone that answered never or rarely to this question lmao

  2. 2

    Many searches lead to SO so I use it that way very often, but I have never really used my account to ask or answer questions to be honest.

  3. 2

    It seems to me the question is slightly incorrect... it's like trying to figure out the average temperature in a hospital. Every developer uses it whenever he/she is stuck, and you can't predict how often it happens, there are too many factors.

    1. 0

      Quite true.

      I was mainly asking it on a more general note.

  4. 1

    Well, rarely. There's a lot of noise in there, and incomplete / wrong answers too.

    What I use when I have a problem with:

    • A programming language: I just look at the implementation, or I search on the official documentation.
    • A CLI: man is your best friend.
    • My editor: I use Neovim and... the help is so sweet!
    • Doing something I don't know how to do: Here I can end up in stack overflow, but I'll always try to confirm what they're saying with other sources. It depends what it is too: if it's an API, forget it. If it's an algorithm, yeah maybe.
    1. 1

      Great tips! Thanks for sharing.

  5. 1

    I think I use Google and StackOverflow happens to be an extension of Google, because it's at the top of the results and has the best answers. I would use another website if Google showed me something else. I've never typed that website's address but it saved me countless hours over the years.

    1. 1

      That's true. StackOverflow and Github issues usually are at the top for me.

  6. 0

    To be honest, this question is insult to developers.

    How can be a developer not using SO multiple times per day unless he is just writing code with no special logic?


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