Product Development April 5, 2020

🤔 — How Often Should I Post Product Updates?

John Saddington @8bit

I've currently got 3 small products here on IH, here, here, and here.

Here are some high-levels on what they're about:

  1. YEN is a b2b saas product, venture-funded.
  2. CEO's Brain is a personal newsletter that I share once a week to > 22k readers
  3. Twin Camera is a very small indie app / "side project" that I just created this weekend here on IH.

I've been updating YEN once or twice a week, based on things that are happening in and around the community, company, and project. It's about the same for 🧠.

The 3rd one is just picking up a bit of steam (not much, tbh) but I'm unsure of how often I should update it.

This is a bit of a meta question I suppose and I know that there's not a "right" answer to this, but, I'd be curious to hear what folks think and the cadence they've created for their own projects.


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    I decided to post one update per month. In each milestone I try to write down the most interesting thing that happened to my project during the previous 30 days.

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      is once-a-month working for you? is that enough to keep your followers and community engaged?

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        I think so. But like you said there’s not a right answer 🙂

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          do you track views? do you track any metrics that would give you perspective?

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            Uhm, are we talking about IH milestones? No I don't track anything at the moment, but I see they get upvotes and comments and that's good enough for me.

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              cool. appreciate the thoughts! always trying to learn how others keep their community in-the-know!

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    Hi John,
    IMO you should update frequently, even if it seems there's not a lot of traction. I'm saying this from a VERY selfish reason :)
    I've been going into project profiles and reading the milestones/achievements and learning about the variations and expectations I should have of what success means.
    I love what you're doing and love following your journey.
    Great name BTW ;-)

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      very cool! is there anything specific you'd like me to cover?

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        I'm a metrics guy, I love seeing the numbers over time,
        I also love growth hacks and the.... you guessed it! metrics!
        What you did and how it affected the numbers.

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          cool. i like connecting work with the results (data)!