No-Code July 4, 2020

How should I build this tool using no-code?

Karthik Sridharan @karthik_2206

Hi Everyone,

I am building a tool for my startup to use internally. Basically, we help companies connect with tech freelancers. So this involves a recommendation process where we go through our database and actually select the right freelancers for a company's requirement. We currently use our CRM (Zoho), Google sheets and Airtable. I want to make this process seamless using a single tool.

  • Since we have a screening process, our freelancers are spread across the pipeline/"lead stages" For e.g. 'Just filled the form', 'Interview Done', 'Selected'.

  • Whenever we get a customer requirement, we apply filters and shortlist people not only from the 'Selected' stage but also from the earlier stages.

Can you all suggest a tool (and give me some initial direction) which can be used to implement the following process:

  1. The tool stores data of freelancers (I can for now transfer the data weekly from my CRM - long-term would want to integrate the CRM and this tool)

  2. Allows creation of a "new customer requirement"

  3. It allows us to enter our shortlisting criteria (which we would enter based on customer inputs) for that requirement

  4. Returns a list of freelancers who satisfy those criteria across all lead stages

  5. Allows me to place some rules. For e.g. maximum 5 leads in the "selected" stage, maximum 20 leads in "interview done" stage, etc.

Of course, there is more nuance to it, but if there is a tool that can help me with this, then I can work on top of it to add those nuances.

I am adept with Webflow, so I was thinking of it. But webflow's CMS restrictions and reliance on Zapier for even minor updates makes it a bit of a problem.

I haven't used Bubble, but it seems promising. Not sure about the learning curve though and any other complexities OR problems associated with it.

Anything else?


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    Checked out your product - your talent selection funnel sounds very smart 👍

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    Have you looked at using Glide Apps? There are some cool formula's that you can apply to filter your results quickly. All using a Google Sheet as your database.

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      Glide apps is great but I'm looking to build a web app.

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    If you're the main user of this product, Webflow might actually be a pretty straightforward way to use this, and use Jetboost to create/enter search + filtering criteria. Sync your list of freelancers between Airtable & Webflow CMS (only needs to sync 1-2 main fields like name or identifier), and let folks submit a customer requirement via Airtable forms or Webflow forms.

    Happy to chat through quickly in 15mins if you'd like — email's open :)

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      Hey Naitik,

      That sounds very interesting. Actually, even I had thought of implementing using Webflow and had even drawn a rough flow of how everything would work. But the process doesn't seem very clean to me.

      I feel I need to document the process a bit better. Can I reach out to you after that?

      Just noticed that you work at Memberstack - absolutely love the product and am already using it in another product of mine! If you don't mind me saying, just feel that the support can be a little better though :)

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        Of course! Dropped you an email on both the notes — happy to help as you build this out 😄

        Regarding feedback, of course, love the honesty and would love to hear more. Feel free to post it here or via email, whatever you prefer.

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          Thanks :)

          I have replied to you on email!

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    bubble might be better than webflow surely for this use case.

    if you foresee this internal growing big with more feature required as you grow, maybe consider investing in - its capabilities are much greater than bubble (hence steeper learning curve as well) - and best part is there is no vendor lock in of any sorts.

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      hey @nshkrsh, Thanks for this - even I had the same feeling. Weblow doesn't seem great for this. Just too many constraints.

      I hadn't heard of Wappler. It looks pretty cool actually.

      Not able to understand what you mean by "vendor lock in" - can you please help me with what you mean by that?

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        Bubble works only when you use their hosting. They charge on count of record basis. And they store your data. As long as your app lives, you need to pay bubble.
        Wappler is server agnostic. You can store your data wherever and once your app is made, you may switch off wappler license - your app runs as usual. They have monthly subscription - so it's good! Only downside is the learning curve - wappler needs more time and patience than bubble.
        We're a team of wappler developers-can help you further if required. Reach out us on

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          Very neat. Thanks a lot @nshkrsh! I will surely have a closer look now :)

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    @optemization might be able to help with notion

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      Super! @optemization Would love to hear your thoughts!

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