Growth April 8, 2020

How Tinder Converts 8% Of Singles Into Customers In Less Than 15 Minutes

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry
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    Definitely loved the breakdown into a simply easy format. Easy to know where to look, what information to understand, and I walked away with something to talk about with a friend at lunch!

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      Conversation starter... Love it! Thanks Jesse.

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    Very nice presentation! Very easy to follow, nice comic-style. I dislike Tinder myself, because the emphasis it puts on pictures. After a minute of swiping, all girls start to look the same ;-)

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      Exactly! I had the same feeling. It's a problem because they're all unique people but the design makes it feel like shopping.

      Again, it always depends "why" you're there... but still.

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    Subscribe to their newsletter, they send email only studies called GEMS. gems indeed.

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    Wow, this is a very nice resource, thanks a lot for sharing!

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    This is very insightful. :)

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    That was awesome, as a former Tinder customer it gave me some laughs too.

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    That’s one of the best presentations I ever saw, especially on a mobile!

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      Cheers Alexander 🙌

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    What a great way to breakdown a case study. Really enjoyed that.

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      Thanks Jimmy, really appreciated!

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    Cheers Rosie! Can I ask what was your biggest takeaway in the case study?

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      I just love learning how others do things, and having tips and UX/psychology insights along the way is a pretty nice way to educate people.

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    I haven't seen these before. Unique! I was enjoying it until a few slides in I realized it was kind of tiring having to move my eyes all over the screen. In this sense, a traditional essay is much easier to consume. Just my 2c.

    Also I got to the slide where descending price anchor is mentioned and I just went down a rabbit hole reading My mind is blown.

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    That's a fascinating post! Good share Rosie

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    Awesome website, I'm subscribed.

    I noticed a typo on this page
    last slide says "Mistkaes"

    Good stuff, look forward to making my way through all the slides.

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      Keen eye my friend! Just corrected it. Thanks David, and don't hesitate to send more feedback my way while you go through the other stories.