How to ask for landing page feedback and actually get it

Hey IHs, I recently asked you to roast my landing page. I am really happy with the results: I received some really valuable feedback, I learned about some cool new products and I connected with a couple of awesome IHs. Here's my post: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/roast-my-landing-page-i-will-roast-yours-f10845c72d

Since I got a fairly good engagement, probably better than an average post in "Landing Page Feedback" group, I decided to share some thoughts on how you can achieve the same.

  1. Ask for help, but also offer to help in return - no one has free time. People are more likely to help you if they get something in return.
  2. Deliver on the promise - if you get 2 reviews and you don't return the favor, guess what, the 3rd person will skip to the next post. And provide actual reviews, not just"hey cool site" or "I love it".
  3. Review other landing pages - go through similar posts, especially ones with low engagement. Upvote the post, and provide your feedback. At the end of your comment, kindly ask for a review in return. Make sure to paste your post link, not your landing page link. That way, you get engagement on your post, increasing your chances to land the popular tab.
  4. Add a poll - I saw this on one of the other posts and really liked the idea. Most people who provided feedback also replied to the poll and it was really useful. My question was "Is it clear what my product does?" with "Yes" and "No" answers.
  5. Be honest on what you are after - if you are looking for beta testers, or customers, use other channels. People can see through lines and no one likes to be tricked into something they didn't mean to do.

That's it, that's what I did and I got what I wanted. And so can you.

Bonus points:

  • Soon after my post, @swebdev made an even more successful post. His post title was all about giving and he only asked for a favor in post body.
  • I got only 1 or 2 reviews that were just lazy and you can tell right away the person only cared about getting feedback for themselves. Most roasts were of high quality.
  • I got fairly good number of roasts but only 3 upvotes. I still landed the popular tab both in the group and on IH homepage. I don't know what to make of this.
  • The fact that not everyone asked to roast back seemingly contradicts with my 1st point. But who would you rather help for free: someone who only takes or someone who also gives back?
  1. 2

    Also, ask what specifically you want feedback on:

    • site images
    • site copy
    • site layout
    • call to actions
    • something else or all of the above

    The more you get specific with your asks the better feedback you're gonna get!

    1. 1

      Good point. My landing page was relatively short with a couple sections only. If you have a lengthy page with lots of things going on, asking for specific feedback is even more important.

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