How to ask for Reviews

Whats the best way of asking customers to leave a review?
So far weblister.co has 7 paying clients. 6 are from Appsumo.co/weblister and one bought directly on the site.
Last week I sent an email of appreciation and i also asked for a review.
But i have no reviews up to now.
Whats the best approach to such a situation?
Thanks in advance.

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    I think being short and direct is the best way to go.

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      Thanks for your comment.

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    What we have done is to offer extended free trial (extra free backlink request credits) to those who would be so kind as to submit a testimonial.

    In addition, at the beginning of our beta sign up period, we had reached out to our network in the industry (SEO) and made agreements with the head of SEO/marketing from various companies and agencies which meant that they got a extended free trial in exchange for testimonals if they were satisfied with our service.

    So you can both offer added value to existing customers and have an agreement on testimonials for future customers.

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      I will try this too.

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    It depends if your product is high touch or low touch.

    For high touch products, I assume that you are speaking with your customers on a regular basis. Just asking them directly is the best approach at the appropriate moment. You don't want to ask people to review your product when they have just escalated a support ticket.

    For low/tech touch products, you want to do it in-app AND via email for the best conversion rates. You still need to do it at the right time, example directly after they reach the "Aha-moment" of your product.

    With Engageful, This is one aspect that I'm trying to make really easy, here's an example on how it can be done:


    You ask for the review through a popup, if the score is >= 4, then you ask them to leave a review on the app store.

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