May 5, 2019

How to attract experts + users to a 2 sided marketplace?


I'm working on a startup experts marketplace where experts can connect with users through pay per minute billing (stripe powered) for video chat, screen sharing + feedback system.

  1. How can I make this platform useful and build in an MVP way so that experts will want to use it with their customers/clients

  2. How do I attract people with problems?

To attract experts and users, I'm thinking of referral system, cold outreach, and expert's promotion through their relevant mediums.

  1. 2

    Is it a kind of website like ?
    I think you should not build anything at first. If you (or your friend) had a problem needs experts, you should find an expert of its problem and pay him/her to ask.

    Btw, I'm working on a similar project. It's If you were based in SF, I want to meet up and talking about it :)