How to Automate Python Workflows in Prefect (Step-by-Step Guide)

As part of my efforts to build in public and to deepen my understanding by teaching, I wrote a guide on how to get started with orchestrating your workflows using Prefect.

If you want to get started with orchestrating and automating your Python workflows, this is the primer I wish I had when I got started.


Please let me know of any and all suggestions for improvement.


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    Nice one @lejimmy - I've been a heavy user of Airflow for the past years, so it's super cool to see more tools surfaced to the data community!
    As a follow-up, would be cool to see a comparison of Prefect vs Airflow as well.
    :clap :clap

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      I saw some repos comparing the two on the same workflow but can’t seem to find it now 😅

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    Hey Jimmy, loved the post. I'm also working with real estate data (in python and node) across a few counties in Texas. Established in North Texas and expanding to Harris and Travis counties next year.

    I've done a lot of web scrapping from the county data and am just dipping my toes into integrating MLS data.

    We help residential home owners reduce their property taxes, so I'm pretty sure we are in different parts of the market.

    I'd love to connect/stay in touch. I think we'd both gain from sharing expertise if we have questions!

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    Read the whole article. Great read, never heard of Prefect.

    Also this was very interesting to me since I invest in real estate and I’m a big python nerd haha. Great article!

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      Thanks for the kind words. I think there are plenty of opportunities for developers in the single family residential space. Most mom and pop investors aren't tech savvy at all!

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