May 20, 2019

How to become "So Good They Can’t Ignore You"?

Manuel Frigerio @manuel_frigerio

Has anybody read "So Good They Can’t Ignore You" by Cal Newport?
If so, how did you squared the lessons in the book (especially the one about deliberate practice) with being an entrepreneur?

How did you go about figuring out the "rare and valuable" skills to develop?

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    Great question!
    Even I had put a lot of thought into acquiring "rare and valuable" skills.

    Cal mentions 2 ways to do this either you need to deep dive into a subject area probably get a PHD or you need to acquire a vast array of skills that will make you unique.

    I am a programmer so I thought either I can master a particular subject area, such as machine learning, web application dev, blockchain, etc, or I can learn some other interesting business related skills, such as marketing, sales, etc.

    I chose the later mainly because I like doing multiple types of work , and also I think people with business + tech skills are rare.

    I just learn a lot of courses in udemy and apply the acquired knowledge by building software products and marketing them.

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      right on. I'm also inclined to the latter because as you said "people with business + tech skills are rare" and, I might add, extremely valuable.

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    Been thinking about this exact question at least once a week since I've finished the book a couple months ago... Ideas so far:

    1. Find the right combination of technical skills AND industry expertise - it's like "niche-ing down" into a specialty, based on professional experience.
    2. Go "full stack", similar to what @azero0 is saying. This is especially useful for being a tech co-founder OR a solo product creator.
    3. Having lots of clients and striking out on your own in a consulting role (covered in the book itself).

    Something like that... I'm oscillating between the first two, mostly because no.3 requires having "clients", which is not my situation.

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    How to become "So Good They Can’t Ignore You"?

    Deep Work. And before you ask, the answer to your next question is, "Digital Minimalism".

    Cal's good at that. 🤣

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    Currently reading this haha! Sorry, thought I'd pop my head in this thread :P

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    I read the book, good read! It helped me when I was wondering what to do with my career.

    I think that as an entrepreneur, the questions you can ask yourself to apply the concepts in the book is: "if I couldn't or didn't want to be an entrepreneur anymore, how would I market myself on the job market?" and from there you create a list of skills that are valuable and you want to invest your time on growing.

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      interesting way of putting it. When I ask myself this question I end up with the same answer as if I ask myself the question "which skills do I want to acquire/master to live the life I want"?

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    I haven't read this book yet but I would love to! This is an excellent question and I'm looking forward to seeing other people's answers.

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