Beta Testing October 25, 2020

How to best get BETA users

Kevin @Trustyy

Hi All,

For our new platform Trustyy we are looking for some critical BETA users. Does anyone have any idea where to find them or how to reach out to these users?

The platform is built to support local business owners with the collection and embedding of their online reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp and others.

If there are any Indiehackers wanting to give it a go, feel free and don't hold back on the feedback :-) (7 day BETA)

Looking forward to your replies


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    Hey Kevin,
    The most motivated beta testers are going to be those who feel the most pain from managing their reviews across these sites. I would guess most indie hackers wouldn't fit that bill. Btw I wouldnt link to a signup landing page, that will probably get no responses, unless you're like, Apple or Tesla.

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      Good points! Change the link in the post. And maybe create a new landingpage specially for BETA users to register.

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    You reach out to them. See where they hangout it can be Facebook groups, forums etc.

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      Thks! Will go and look it up :-) If you, by any change have some good advice on a group, let me know ;-)

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