How to check if we're compatible before we partner up

My better half made me complete this personality test last year and it opened my eyes to the different types we all are. I think this is especially important in early-stage ventures and partnering up.

It would probably save a lot of heartache in finding out if we're compatible with our potential cofounders before we signup together.


FYI, the test shows I am an Architect, which is absolutely spot-on - I love envisioning, architecting, designing and building new digital startup business ideas. Which is now exactly what I try to offer as an early-stage interim cofounder/cto at www.steveprocter.com

Go on give the test a go and let us all know what type you are.

  1. 1

    Spot on, Steve!

    I have used a few tests in building my team. Good extra data to have.

  2. 1

    The result is Mediator, but I don't feel like one :) To be honest, I even did not how to answer some of the questions :D

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