April 11, 2019

How to collect responses on a survey?

Hi, indie hackers

I have the survey https://form.jotformeu.com/90776329815367 (by the way, if you have 10 minutes, please :) )

And I need to collect a lot of answers (~1000, M/F, USA/Europe, 25-55 years). I know about Survey Tandem, Survey Swap, Survey Circle.
Typically, almost all respondents from there are students, I'm more interested in employees, entrepreneurs, freelancers, etc.
I know paid options (Panel Research) from Survey Gizmo, Zoho, Survey Monkey. But all of them has problems.

Zoho estimates my survey pass time as 30 minutes. I've already had ~40 responses and I see that in reality, it is 10 minutes on average. But Zoho doesn't care, they say me reduce your survey questions to collect responses.
Survey Gizmo is even better. They say at least $1500. Ok. More concrete? Buy our license.
Survey Monkey tells me that they don't provide panel services in my country, no matter where I'm collecting responses.

What could be my other options? I'm ready to pay for responses, but I don't know where I can pay for it :)
One of the ideas in my mind is making a social network campaign, but I'm not sure will it worth it.

What do you think?