May 1, 2019

How to convert content marketing into sales?

Alex Becker @alexbecker

I've been trying to build awareness for by blogging about Python packaging. One of my posts made it to the front page of HN yesterday, which drove a good bit of traffic, but no free trial signups and generally little interaction.

I know part of content marketing is playing a long game--get the name out there and establish a reputation, sales come later. But should I be seeing some conversion straight away, at least to a free trial? How can I drive that?

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    Given the minimalism of your blog page, perhaps your call-to-action should be a button to your main site versus an email capture form. Something like:

    Like NPM, but for Python [[ Check it out ]]

    My hypothesis is that the bulk of the people landing for the content only have a faint understanding of the product (or that there even is a product) and your next step should be sending them further down the education path rather than converting them since awareness is the end goal.

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      Thanks for the suggestion. I actually switched to a link to the main site instead of email capture on mobile just before publishing this post--but I should do so on desktop/tablet as well, and a button is probably better than a link.

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    Make sure to mention your product in each post with a link to the product page.

    Since the vast majority of readers won’t buy straight away, try to get their email address making them subscribe to your newsletter.

    This way you can regularly send them content (that contains a mention of your product).

    Over time they will become familiar with your offering and may consider buying your product.

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    Which post was it that was on HN?