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How to convert Linkedin followers into newsletter subscribers?


I am a college prof who teaches negotiation, and I started a negotiation newsletter last month. I have around 300 subscribers at the moment.

I've been wondering about how to nudge my Linkedin contacts about the newsletter. I post my articles and so on, but I was wondering if there was a more direct way to do things?

When I ask people directly if they want to join, they say yes.

I have seen online that some people recommend downloading an email list of all your Linkedin contacts and inviting them directly. This is tempting, but I don't want to get the reputation of being a spammer.

I've seen services like Phantombuster to automate this somehow, but here as well not sure that it's the right way.

What have you guys been doing?


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    You’re right. While it’s quite tempting to export all your connections and quickly import them to your newsletter tool, it’s still considered spam if the receiver has not actually requested to be on your mailing list. And it could potentially ruin your reputation. There’s nothing more annoying than receiving unsolicited email from a provider whose list I didn’t sign up to.

    There are other ways though. They are of course a bit slower, but they are much more targeted subscribers.

    • Share an update with all of your connections by posting an update on the Home Page.
    • Compose a message to a small group of connections.
    • If you manage a group, you can send an announcement to all members.
    • If you do not manage a group, but are a member of a group you’d like to connect with, you can also post a discussion introducing your newsletter and giving them a way to opt in.
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    I've experimented with my own newsletter and LinkedIn. I think LinkedIn's algorithm typically responds well to personal updates that tell a story and that are not that frequent. I have just over 1000 connections, but some of the posts that I have put out there have garnered anywhere from 100 views to 1000+ views depending on how my network responds to it.

    Even better is to make the newsfeed on the right then you are hitting viral numbers.

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    What is the end goal of your newsletter?

    Just an idea:
    I think building a community would be a lot better than a newsletter. Negotiation is a very interesting topic for a lot of people. My girlfriend read the book Never split the difference by Chris Voss, she was going on about it for weeks.

    You're already an authority on the topic. Clubhouse could be the perfect place for you to build a community, there's not actually much content on negotiation on Clubhouse. Do a chat about "How to get a salary increase" and then do a Q&A afterwards. You'll get a lot of insight of the problems people face to help you create better content and give people exactly what they want. Clubhouse is very diverse so you'll get a lot of data-points.

    Personally for me I love the audio format of listening to advice/wisdom. I listen to HBR and The Knowledge Project podcasts when I need to go to the shop for groceries etc. I find it a lot more engaging.

    There's not much content on the topic on Clubhouse

    Clubhouse Search Results

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      Hi and thank you for taking the time to comment.

      I created this newsletter for a couple of reasons. The main one is that I am thinking of writing a negotiation book, so I need to write about the topic. A newsletter is a great opportunity for me to do that.

      I have never heard of Clubhouse so I am going to go have a look.

      I have been recording video interviews for a mini-podcast series.

      Thank you so much for the advice, I really appreciate it. Have a great night!

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        Clubhouse at the moment is invite only and only work on iPhone. Send me a DM on twitter if you're interested, I have one invite left.

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          Thank you so much! Just DMed you.

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    Why not doing your way, asking people directly?

    • Talking to them.
    • Understanding what they like about your newsletter.
    • What you can improve.

    You have what many here look for: direct conversations with people who subscribe to your newsletter.

    If you build a close group of subscribers, things might start flow naturally, more subscribers might arrive via word-of-mouth.

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      Thank you for your insights!

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