How to Create a Job Board on Airtable without Coding

Hey Everyone,

We at Softr.io have prepared a simple how-to article about creating a job board on Airtable. As we see more and more niche job boards popping up, we wanted to share this with a wider audience so that more people without tech skills can build side projects like this.

The article covers the following steps:

  • How to create a job board from a template;
  • Setting up a form to receive job posting submissions from users;
  • Restricting submissions to logged in users only.

Check it out here. Would love to hear your feedback and ideas!


  1. 2

    This looks like a nice solution for a quick-and-dirty job board! I'm going to have a play with it this week to see if it might work for a project on my backlog :)

    1. 2

      Great! Let us know if you need any assistance.

  2. 1

    Good stuff! Have you also considered using Pory? If you are looking for more digital tools to build more and better, checkout my chatbot that can help you find just that in just under 5 minutes! https://itsgritted.webflow.io/

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