Newsletter Crew November 19, 2020

How to create email templates using MJML - Step-by-step guide

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    Nice. We've used MJML in our SaaS for designing all emails for quite a while now. Makes it so easy to get new layouts done. Pity that the MJML plugin for Atom (my editor of choice) is outdated now though.

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      VS Studio dominates the market at the moment, have you had any complaints about compatibility issues around email clients from your customers/subscribers?

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        No complaints for the past 4 or so years, and we send out ~800 transactional emails per day to our customer base at the moment. And yes, I might have to make the leap over to VS Code - so many things seem to run better on it than Atom...

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    As a non-dev I really liked using this tool, but I wish they would update the templates, I don't think they've changed in the 3 years since I first used it and some of the code has changed that breaks them.

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      Glad you like it, given it's my first blog post ever :)

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    Hey im running formbackend service too and im using MJML too :D

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        Best luck to you too!

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    nice, will use this for my app ! Nice website you got too !

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    Big MJML fan here, this is a nice introduction.

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    Never heard of MJML before, it seems great, I'll be checking it out in more detail later. Thanks for the article!

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      Same for me, thanks for pointing out to it.

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    Thanks for the simple and useful guide.
    Is mjml compatible with outlook? Is there a problem when rendering?

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      For basic layouts mostly it's okay. But for the complex layouts (like a grid) you might see some inconsistencies among the different email clients, but still, it's easier to fix compared to coding from scratch

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      Basically it depends on what components you're is the full list

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