How to deal with Apple's In-App Purchase requirement?

We have been a freemium web app and now we are building an iOS app.

However our iOS app was rejected by Apple, since apparently, we are required to take In-App Purchase.

We are using Chargebee/Stripe to manage our subscription and I don't think we can add IAP to it (tell me if I'm wrong), even if we want to add it.

I believe many companies here are in the same boat as us. Will really appreciate it if you can advise us on how we can best handle their rejection.

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    A quick update on this issue: we finally got the app approved by apple, after quite a few back and forth.

    The real reason behind the rejection was that some of our help links in the app opens a browser. The navigation bar of the help page includes a "pricing" link. The solution was simple - just remove the "pricing" link from our help pages.

    The lesson learned here is the feedback from apple's app review team is usually very vague. So it'll take a few back-and-forths to poke them about the real reason behind the rejection.

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    Checkout section 3.1.3 of the App Store Guidelines. If your app fits into one of those categories then you have two options (you can use both):

    1. You don't use Chargebee/Stripe and instead user Apple's IAP when in app. Apple provides Storekit (I think Storekit handles subscription, but regardless there is a framework for it)

    2. When making the purchase redirect to the browser where you can use Chargebee/Stripe then redirect back to the app once this is finished.

    If your app does NOT fit into section 3.1.3 then you can only use option 1)

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      Thank you. Somehow I didn't see your reply until just now.

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