How to embed a book on a website?

Hey Ih,

I was wondering if there's a product to help us embed a whole book on a website page?

I don't mean to offer a pdf download, pdf/powerpoint embed kinda solution. And I'm looking to publish a book, I'm looking for a solution like a real book on my own website where my visitors can flip through pages and read it like an actual book ✅

Ideally, a free/open source solution that is fast and has a seamless flip animation. Hoping this is the right group to ask this as askih has fewer members for this type of question.

Edit: Like a YouTube video embed, the header, body and footer is my site and on top of it, this book embed sits. Currently looking at flipsnacks so wanted to know if ih knows about something like this.

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    I'm the founder and main developer of Heyzine (https://heyzine.com), with our platform you can convert your pdf to flipbook and you can embed it in your site.

    We have many different page turning effects and we don't limit the number of pages like most of the competitors, there are also options to customize background, icons, logo and more.

    I think our service is exactly what your are looking for, but if you need something more specific I'm here to help.

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      Someone's in love -- I like it very much.

      Pages will be 10 max for me. I find the quality is low on mobile, even the heading goes blurred on mobile, not readable. I'm not sure if that's because I was seeing the examples on your site and didn't pay (yet) or even register. I'm someone that takes mobile-first for the last two years that is stopping me from paying.

      We gotta talk, where can I reach you @ ??

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        Thank you so much!

        There is no difference in the flipbook quality between the free and paid plans, the mobile experience is not as good as the desktop one, but we are constantly working to improve it. I didn't notice it looks blurry, we will check it out! thank you.

        You can contact me whenever you want at [email protected].

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    Hi there!

    I am the founder of Bubblin Superbooks (https://bubblin.io). We publish native Superbooks on the web that are smart, responsive, offline-first and generally supported on all devices on the web.

    Is this something that you’re looking for?

    If yes, I’m available on [email protected] to answer your questions... and yes, we use open source tools and an open standard to publish books on our platform. ❤️

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      nice idea, just checked it with the ES6. I couldn't find how to mark a sentence....

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      Your platform really looks great.

      I updated the post with more details. As originally said, I'm looking to embed a book on my site, not trying to publish. With an embed code I can embed the flipbook service on my website and my visitors can read it on my site.

      Features in need: Being able to publish the book in my own domain (embed solves it). Support for adding images and links in the book, books on your site didn't have this feature (as far as I saw). Seamless turning of pages and overall good performance.

      The reading experience in your website is something I like but lacks the custom domain and embeds (or I didn't notice them?). In case you support embeds or custom domain let me know, a mail will be on its way then ;)

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        @Dinakar the Superbook format is a bit different from the usual file format in many ways. You could potentially add a webgl experiment or a shader inside your Superbook if you want—not just images or hyperlinks.

        Take a look at the following example:


        Now I understand that you need an embed or CNAME overwrite to make the book look like it is sitting on your own url, but we don’t have those features right now. I must emphasize here that there is a contextual SW served from the root of our domain—which is kinda critical for the offline experience. Happy to discuss this at length if this is exactly what you’re looking for.

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      Your website looks fantastic!!!!

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        Thank you for the kind words @adroitboss. ❤️

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