May 2, 2019

How to explain two ideas at the same time?

Anton Samoylov @Loresome

Loresome is a service to connect self-tracking apps (todos, fitness, productivity, etc) to a single gamified hub. Both of these ideas (connecting apps and gamification) require explanation, and explaining them both at the same time it very challenging to me. Whenever I talk about games I feel like the service is being silently labeled "too geeky" by non-gamers, and if I start with "connect apps" I lose the non-techie part of the audience. Any tips?

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    Highly recommend picking up Building a StoryBrand. Ton of great info in there that will help with honing your one-liner.

    To throw my 0.02 in there:
    "Compete against friends using the tracking apps you already love"

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      Thanks, will check that out! Do you have any other book recommendations on the matter?

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        Nah, actually haven't read a ton on branding and stuff, but StoryBrand does a great job of covering a ton of stuff. Easy to go deep on it (and all of the ancillary content out there, pod casts, their app and web courses, etc) instead of trying to go wide on a ton of different books.

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    "Sum up your day's productivity and measure it against your friends."

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    Don't explain the feature, explain the purpose and feelings. Like "keep it all in one place" and "make the process fun and rewarding". Might be more vauge but peek the interest first, see if it hooks and then come with the how later.

    I'm no marketing expert, but this is what I've gathered from reading a few books on the subject.

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      That's pretty much what I try to do nowadays after learning to write with you in mind and less i's. Just focus on the benefits and feelings. The same way the raisin industry were able to link the feeling of a music about grapevines to change people's mind on raisin being upbeat, healthy, and feel-good.

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        Thank you for your advice! Do you have any good source on the raisin industry story? Would love to learn about it.

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      Thank you! Would you recommend any of those books?

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        I'm currently reading This is Marketing: You Can't Be Seen Until You Learn To See by Seth Godin, have not finished it yet and don't quite recall if this was mentioned directly. But really good book anyway!

        Thinking about it… 🤔 I wonder if other sources of learning about this have ben The Futur on Youtube:

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    Who cares?

    Not making fun here, asking a real question. Once you know who cares, ask: 'why'?
    The answer to that question is what you should be talking about.

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    My only advice here is "dont explain the what", nobody cares. Explain the "why"!
    Why should i care about connecting these things? If still unclear, watch a few of Simon Sinek's videos on youtube.

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      Thank you, will check them out.