Design and UX May 10, 2020

how to find a competent UI/UX designer

Timothy @net2tim

I have a membership site that is art-related, but the UI & UX needs some improvement, to make it more polished (UI) and easey to use & user-friendly (UX). Many front end developers don't know enough about the aesthetic (UI). And many web designers don't know enough about the UX. It is not a major redesign. I need a designer to polish the spec while keeping the existing style/feeling of the site - improve the styles/consistency of the text, buttons, forms, spacing, etc. And I have a few process/steps that need improvement to be very user-friendly and easy to use. I need some suggestion on how to find a competent freelancer to help me with these. Thanks.

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    Check out or I used both sites to get people to help me with designs for icons, website to my app. On the first site you can search for work you like and then send the designer a request. The second is a fixed price competition. But you can hire people from there too and safely pay through the platform.

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      Thanks. I will check it out.

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    My UI/UX friend said he could be interested in working on this project as long as I handle the communication and project management. Is there an easy way to contact you to discuss this further and show you his portfolio?

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      I have added an email to my profile.

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    I could redesign part of your app in exchange for using it as a case study. Shoot me an email from my profile if you're interested.

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      I have just sent you an email.

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    I just forwarded this link to a UI/UX acquaintence of mine. If he's interested in the project I'll get back to you.

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    When finding an online freelancer it's a bit of a hit and miss in my experience. I'm trying to look through their portfolio and reviews of previous jobs. I usually use to find freelancers.

    If you want top end design/UX you can also visit different design award websites like and I like these because you can see a real end results, which has been awarded and verified by other designers.

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      Thanks for the feedback.

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    Hey Hi,
    I can help you with that. I am a Product UI/UX designer. Tell me more about your product.

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      Please email me with your linkedin profile and your porfolio. Thanks.

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      I would like to ask you more, but your user was created 18 minutes ago:-)

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        Yes, someone suggested me this post :) I am new to Indiehackers.

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    Hey @net2tim, check out my portfolio website and let me know if interested. ;)

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      I have sent you an email.

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    I have the same situation, we're planning on going live in July and i want my app polished by a UI/UX specialist beforehand, how did you get on @net2tim?

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      I have sent 2 emails. Didn't hear back from one. Another's reply is a bit slow.

      I just added a email to my profile; I forgot. I hope I will get some email contact. It is too bad there is no PM in IH.

      You can check out the links posted in the comment.

      I am in talk with a designer, from a post in a FB freelance group.

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    What's your product / website, is it live?

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      I have sent you an email.

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      There is no PM in IH?:-)

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