Design and UX February 17, 2020

How to find a good modern designer?


Where would you look to find designers the ones that follow the latest trends and aware what's hot on the western market, and constantly learning new tricks? Especially who like freelancing.

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    Thank you all you've been of a great help.

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    You can try Reddit too

    But before posting your job on any job board, I'd suggest getting everything in order, like

    1. Identify the skills you need in your designer -

    Apart from the usuals like creativity, past experience, and technical knowledge you need to consider the communication skills, accessibility, problem-solving skills, and the client handling ability of your designer.

    2. Prepare a good job description -

    Put together a job description including the responsibilities, skills, and experience necessary for a designer. It will provide a better understanding of the job position roles and how they help the organization to grow.

    3. Prepare a Creative Brief -

    Look at it like drawing up a game plan with a clear objective. This brief will set the tone for the entire project and will give your designer the necessary insight, background, and foundation for the effective creation of the design.

    For an overview, your design brief should include the following:

    • Your company’s profile
    • Who is your target audience?
    • What is the project?
    • Reference materials
    • Any definite do’s and don’ts with the colors and design
    • What is the time scale?
    • A list of deliverables

    4. Plan the KPIs to manage a designer -

    You won't be able to measure the creativity of your designer. So you'll have to put together some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you can use to map the impact of your designer. These can be:

    • Their estimated vs actual time spent on a project
    • Their client satisfaction rating
    • Communication skills
    • Conversion rate on their video content and other social media graphics

    If you do follow these steps then hiring a designer will be a little time consuming but a successful task. You'll definitely find someone great. You can read more about a post I recently wrote on the same topic called how to hire a graphic designer

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    Muzli and Behance are my go-to-places!!

    Highly recommended @SourDiesel

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    Hi @SourDiesel I would greatly recommend Dribbble as the best place to look. I'm a senior UX/UI designer myself, so let me know if I can help out in any way.

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    Hi there SourDiesel, are you actively looking for someone you can work with? Hit me up! Or are you looking for getting a general feel of what trends are hot right now? Use instagram hashtag search to find some amazing talent. Or go nuts on dribble.

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      Christain how can I contact you, I think your email on the profile is not complete.

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        Oh you are correct! Thank you for noticing.
        My email is: [email protected]

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      I will get in touch shortly, as soon as I finish my project.

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        Looking forward to it. Good luck on your project.

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    Just let me know if i can help you. Thanks

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    On IH, Behance, DeviantArt.

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      Thamks for reply. What is IH? Devian art is full of art but not the kind of art I am looking for, I am looking for UX, UI kind of designs. Marketing materials, etc.

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        you mean IH - Indie Hackers?

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          Yep, you got it. No prob!

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            Thanks for the suggestion I am already looking at Behance.

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              No problem! 👍