Looking to Partner Up March 18, 2019

How to find a marketing co-founder?

Nate Ritter @nateritter

Looking for tips on finding a marketing co-founder who can bring a product to market. Specifically CardHacking.com, but any advice on how you’ve done it before would be fantastic.

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    Check out marketing watering holes like GrowthHackers.com. Find people who are doing (not just saying) things that impress you, and reach out. If they aren't available, ask if they know anyone who is. You'll want to interview people, but I highly recommend working together for at least a short stint before bringing anyone on as a cofounder.

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      I spent a year on this search and learned a lot. About 98% are not worth your time. And 2% can be worth mid 6 figures. As that is what they earn now. Most of the rest are milk toast. Good people, not skilled enough. Once you have met the 2%, it is so clear to see the difference.

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        What advice would you give yourself if you were me? What would help me find and focus on that 2%? What is their common trait that they have which the other 98% don’t? Is there a question or series of questions that you would use to filter?

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          I can talk on skype about this. I don't want to offend anyone. Contact me gator8899 @ yahoo .com

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            Thanks again @gator70 for your time today. I appreciate all the suggestions and information! Cheers!

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            Tried to get in touch with you on Skype, but can't seem to find you. Hit me up if you can: nateritter or email me at [email protected] . Thanks !

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    I would start by trying to learn the rope of marketing yourself first. Then you will know, with a lot more clarity, what you actually are looking for in a co-founder.

    Also just show what you have done, and are doing.

    Getting 100 people on an email list is better than throwing up a landing page.

    Getting 100 people to commit to pre-paying is better than an email list etc.

    If you are getting results, others will want to join you. Good luck!

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      Yes, I am going that direction already, but I’m also aware of my weaknesses. I really do want to figure this out myself.

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    We’re doing something in the same space with simplifycards.com

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    Is it different from AwardWallet?

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      Yes, award wallet doesn’t help you track your spending requirements, giving you notifications of progress and then alerting you when your annual fee is coming up. That’s what CardHacking does.

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        Cool. It looks promising and cool that you already built it. Courtland's advice sounds spot on.

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          Thanks! :)

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