How to find a remote cofounder for a web dev shop?

I'm a business-minded full stack developer myself (6 years of experience) and want to start a small remote-only web dev shop. I have a very competitive service offering focused on empowering businesses of all sizes looking to leverage the many benefits of distributed serverless architectures for their new landing pages, brand microsites, custom e-commerce sites, etc, among many other benefits backed by hard benchmarks, statistics and case studies. I also have a fairly unique marketing approach targeting niches in the global market.

Now, I want to attract a co-founder that is ideally also of a Node.js/React/UX background but also wears many hats like myself and proactively adapts to the ever-changing needs of running and expanding a small business. What is someone like that looking to hear when being pitched a role like this? What questions would they have? Where do I even find and approach them?

Also I'm somewhat bootstrapped so can pay salary in addition to equity. Is that preferred over pure, generous equity for a cofounder even if the business plan is solid and projects are starting right away? My goal for the year is to build 3 agile teams from scratch and shower them with quality projects from leads generated by a tech salesperson that is probably going to be my 2nd or 3rd hire.

Any tips from people who have gone through something similar would be appreciated! :)

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    Hey Arturs ,
    Looks like exciting opportunity, I've background in React/Node/Firebase and can adapt quickly to new technologies as per requirement.
    My email is : [email protected]

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    Hi demiters, I'm a full stack developer with over 8 years of experience also interested in starting a small dev agency. Very interested to learn more and chat with you! What is your email?

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      Added email to my profile!

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        Thanks, email sent.

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      I'm also a full stack with 7 years wanting to start a dev agency specializing in bespoke data focused business software. Although @demiters post is interesting I'd like to start with something much smaller. Care to talk? My email is on my IH profile

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        Hi Jake, email sent!

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        I am a 5 year experienced Full Stack Dev. Let's have a talk

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