Growth November 30, 2020

How to find advisors? 🔥

Jesus Vivas Medina @jesusvivas11

Hi guys, how are you doing?

I'm looking for a Marketing advisor and I would like to know your strategy to reach and bring top profiles to your company.

I guess that LinkedIn is the best way to find and start a conversation but I would like to know your thoughts and strategies about it :)

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    Check out; I've found it to be a great resource for 1:1 sessions or finding longer term Marketing Advisors.

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      I'm part of it - very good group of people!

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      Looks great, I'll take a look now :)

      Thanks for the resource!

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      Hey @jesusvivas11 I also wrote specifically about startup advisors a while back, lmk if it helps!

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        Thanks @rosiesherry!

        That's exactly what I was looking for @dqmonn it helps me a lot!

        Thanks for sharing your knowledge :)

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    Hi Jesús, hola amigo ;)

    There is no other place like Twitter to get mentors. For example today I attended an AMA session with Paul Yacoubian from Copy AI, I have a good enough rapport with him to feel confident to get an answer by DM if the need arises.

    Last week I had "office hours" with a top VC from the Mexican investment ecosystem and got the meeting also through Twitter. I see you handle yours pretty efficiently but I still think can share some good tips.

    I'm promoting a coaching session to maximize your Twitter efficiency if interested schedule a FREE meeting, to discuss your startegy :)

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      Hi Santiago, thanks!

      Interesting point of view, Twitter always brings me a lot of value. I have opened a tab in my browsers with your services and I'll take a look today!

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        Love it!
        Looking forward, I hope we do meet :)

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    Talk to people! I don't have advisors per se, but I've emailed a lot of Indiehackers that are working on similar projects. I've found a few of them are happy to bounce ideas around.

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      We are doing so and it works great to get some partnerships, do you know any SaaS/B2B group where find good profiles? :)

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    Feel free to check me out at although, I have no availability until late January 2021.

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      Looks nice, loving your website and the icons!

      I'll take a look :)

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    I networked on Reddit and Discord to organically build relationships with industry professionals.

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      That's a good advice, do you recommend any discord channel?

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    Not all Marketing people/advisors will be a fit for every type of business.

    What is your product/service/site that you're trying to find advertisers for?

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      We are a B2B SaaS company so I'm looking mainly for experts in the B2B market but also with previous knowledge to scale products...

      Looks like LinkedIn or could help me to find someone but I would like to hear more experiences about it

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        Hey @jesusvivas11, I'm the founder of GrowthMentor. Have a look at our customer stories here to see how others are using the platform.

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          Hi @fotipanagio thanks! I will definitely take a look and see the possibilities inside your platform nice idea and contribution to the ecosystem 😄

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